Beetroot Diversity - den smukke køkkenhave
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Beetroot Diversity

Beta vulgaris L. var. vulgaris

There are so many different beetroot varieties. This year we decided to try some different varieties in our kitchen garden. Each has its own characteristics. Different size, colour, shape and, not to forget taste. Most of the varieties do well as ornamental plants.

Here you see just a few of the many different that exist. Start at 03 hours, clockwise: Cvickla, Albina Vereduna, Crossby´s Egyptian, Burpees Golden, Egyptische Platrunde, Blankoma, Solist, Chioggia, Jätterödbeta, White Devoy, Boltardy, Cylindra, Buul´s Blood, Moulin Rouge, Crapaudine, Detroit 3, Forono and Juwa kugel.

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