A Kitchen Garden with a View
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A Kitchen Garden with a View

The castle Osterburg is situated at the top of a rock near Weida in Thüringen, Germany. From the castle, you can enjoy the gorgeous view to the village Weida and the river Weiße Elster. You can stay there, dreaming, for a long time. It's almost like in a fairy-tale.

Behind the walls of the castle you find the most beautiful kitchen garden, nice and tidy in raised beds. Having visited many kitchen gardens in the past, this one is by far the one situated at the highest altitude, and the one with the most extraordinary view.

I wonder if vegetables get healthier and more nutritious by growing at an exeptional place with a wonderful view?

The vegetable garden in Osterburg was part of BUGA, Die Bundesgartenschau, the German Federal Garden Show in 2007. We can only recommend that you visit Osterburg.

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