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About Potager

Potager.dk is a personal homepage made by a happy amateur gardener, hoping to inspire you by showing pictures.

Potager is the French word for a kitchen garden. But there is more in the word than just a kitchen garden.

A potager is not only a kitchen garden delivering fresh produce to the kitchen. A potager is beautiful. In a potager, the vegetables are presented in an aesthetic way. A potager is just as much an ornamental garden as it is a kitchen garden.

Potager.dk is a tribute to beautiful vegetables in beautiful kitchen gardens. At potager.dk the main focus is the picture. Don't expect to find long and complicated explanations here.

Potager.dk is first of all about pleasure. In case you need more detailed information, please visit my other homepage gourmethaven (sorry - it´s only available in danish) which deals with rare and common vegetables, backyard seedsaving and much more.


Brian Krause

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